Class 2 Learning Activities

Week 1

Key words for Year 2 Children

Year 2 maths challenge 1

Year 2 maths challenge 3

Year 2 maths starter 1

Year 2 maths starter 3

Year 2 word problems

Week 2

Year 2 maths challenge 5

Year 2 maths challenge 6

Year 2 maths starter 6

Year 2 word problems 2

March affirmations

Y2 Home learning Activities

Calm Pack

Week 3 

April Affirmations

Creative Home Learning Ideas Grid Week 3 and 4

Home Learning Activities Week 3 and 4

Learning Outline Week 3

Writing Stimulus picture

Votes for schools learning outside the classroom

Time quarter to the hour

Spider poster

Sophie's Masterpiece Character Moods

Number Bonds to 20 Challenge

Number Balance Parental Guidance

Lakeland Maze

History Week  cruise photo's

Baby Spider poem

Art Week 3 William Morris

 Week 4

Creative Home Learning Ideas Grid Week 3 and 4

Learning Outline Week 4

Home Learning Activities Week 3 and 4

Year 2 Learning Outline week 4

Year 2 Writing Stimulus

Titanic Maiden Voyage

Titanic Maiden Voyage pupil copy

PSHE Votes for schools

On Board the Titanic

Maths Fair Feast Problem

Lakeland Maze Leaflet

Hannukah Fact file

Groundhog Day

Fractions Word Problems Week 4

Art Weeks 3 and 4 William Morris

Weeks 5 and 6

Positivity Grid

Home Learning Activities

May Affirmations

Learning Timetable

Week 5

Maths Dragon Toy Shop

Reading Dragon Machine

Reading Plane Instrustions

Writing Dragon Picture

PSHE Votes for schools week 5

History Titanic Presentation

Reading Dragons in the City

 Week 6

Art Matisse Challenge

Maths Thirsty

PSHE Endangered Animals

Reading Captain Tom Comprehension

Reading Luna and the bottle of starlight

Reading Solar System Fact Sheet

Writing Poetry I am a Star

Writing Stimulus Picture Week 6

PHSE Votes for Schools Week 6 

Week 7

Week 7 Home Learning

Learning Timetable Year 2

Maths Number Problems

Maths Symmetrical Butterfly Pizzas

Reading Fairtrade Farming Comprehension

Reading ‘The Secret Recipe’ Poem

Writing Magic Biscuits

Reading Recipe for Hot Chocolate

PSHE Pocket Money

Art MC Escher and Tessellation

Maths Division Review

Maths Division by Sharing

Writing Story Mountain

Week 8 and 9

Home Learning Activities week 8 and 9

 Flat Teacher Activity Grid

Week 8

An Unexpected Adventure

Block Diagram Template

Dinosaur Facts

Geography Weather Chart

Go-Jetters Guide to Asia

Interpreting Bar Charts

Joan Proctor, Dragon Doctor

PSHE Child Actor

Story Mountain

Tally Template

Week 9

Array City Examples

Hygiene Heroes Game

Maths Ordering Length

Maths Practising Length

Multiplication Challenges

Reading Book Review Templates

Reading Rex Memory Game

Reading Stuck Comprehension

Could you be the first settler on Mars

Reading The Life Cycle of the Mighty Oak Tree

Writing The Magic Faraway Tree Mural

Week 10 and 11

Week 10

 Home Learning weeks 10 and 11


Fractions of numbers

Music Superheroes

Rosa Parkes Comprehension

Should you stand up for other people

Superhero costumes

Writing Almost Retired

Year 2 Common Exception Words

Week 11


Little Monkey Banana Bread

Phase 5 Animal Mosaic Word Searches

Reading Haikus

Animal Town Activities

Do you get enough sleep



Week 12 and 13

Home Learning week 12 and 13

Week 12

Victorian Inventors


Simple Machines

Number 28


Design a Robot

Common Exception Words Wordsearch 1

Common Exception Words Wordsearch 2

Common Exception Words Wordsearch 3


Week 13

Up in the Air

Science themed wordsearch 1

Science themed wordsearch 2

Science themed wordsearch 3

Samuel the Boy Scientist

Samantha the Girl Scientist

New Normal

Marie Curie


Week 14

Home Learning Activities week 14

Trolls World Tour Film

Pom Pom Instructions

Fun Wordsearch 1

Fun Wordsearch 2

Fun Wordsearch 3

Scavenger Hunt Measurements



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