Class 2 Learning Activities 2021

Science Week

Week 7

Remote Learning w/c 22nd February

Dependency Activity Sheet

Lesson Presentation Working Together, staying alive

World Habitat Game

Week 6

Remote Learning w/c 8th Feb

Researching Habitats

Presentation World habitats

Day 1 Angry Cat

Day 1 Cat's Sentences

Day 1 Dog's sentences

Day 1 Interpret Pictograms

Day 2 Cat's clauses and conjunctions

Day 2 Rat's Diary Page Features Checklist

Day 2 Rat's diary

Day 3 Lesson 3 Something About My Voice

Day 3 Music Activity Sheet

Day 3 Questions about Baba Yaga and the Black Geese

Day 3 Story Map

Day 3 Story telling hints

Day 4 Baba Yago and the Black Geese

Day 4 Comparison Chart

Day 4 Hansel and Gretel

Day 5 Checklist

Day 5 Diary Page Paper

Day 5 Griselda's Diary

Day 5 Questions about Hansel and Gretel


Week 5

Remote Learning w/c 1st Feb

Day 1 Character Profile Page

Day 1 The Fairy Godmother

Day 2 A conversation with Mrs Beanstalk

Day 2 Draw Pictograms

Day 2 Writing a Conversation

Day 3 Interpret Pictograms

Day 3 Join the Jam Activity Sheet

Day 3 My Favourite Cinderella

Day 3 Revolting Rhymes

Day 4 Instructions for Planning Woodpecker's Story

Day 4 Questions About Why Not Me

Day 4 Why Not Me

Day 4 Woodpecker Story Planner

Join the Jam Whiteboard Presentation

Microhabits Enquiry Survey Activity Sheet

Week 4

Remote Learning w/c 25th Jan

Day 1 Odd & Even Numbers

Day 1 Pictures and Thoughts

Day 1 Quest Stories

Day 1 Story Sequence Cards

Day 2 Divide by 5

Day 2 Progressive Verb Forms

Day 2 Sentences to Sort

Day 3 Divide by 10

Day 3 Story Instructions

Day 3 Story Planner

Day 5 A Remarkable Person

Day 5 Make Tally Charts

Join the Jam Whiteboard Presentation

Lesson Presentation Local Habitats

T-L 5593 Phase 2 Tricky Words

T-L 5842 Phase 5 Phoneme Flash Cards




Week 3

Y2 Remote Learning

Y2 Autumn Block 4 WO8  5 times table

Y2 Autumn Block 4 WO9 10 times table

Y2 Spring Block 1 WO1 make equal groups sharing

Y2 Spring Block 1 WO2  make equal groups grouping

Y2 Spring Block 1 WO3 Divide by 2

Phase 5 Phoneme Flash Cards

Phase 2 to 5 Tricky Words Mat

Lesson Presentation Living, Dead or Never Alive


Week 1 & 2

Affirmations January 2021

Letter to Parents 5th Janaury

Home Learning Weeks 1 & 2

Ants and Leaves

Check & Change

Letter to children

Insect hide & seek

Muddled Letters Activity Sheet

The igh family

The Trolls challenge

Writing 'dge' Sentences


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