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Reception Sycamore Adventure Play Trip


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Phonics and Handwriting Workshop


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Handwriting Workshop January 2018


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Phonics Workshop

Phonics Workshop


Walk A MIle

So I must admit, our ‘walk a mile a day’ hasn’t ended great, due to the wonderful English weather! We started well though and thanks to all of you that came to our ‘shake up’ we definitely picked the best day for that.

We’ve had a bit of a mixed up week this week, we focused on London buses which then directed our maths learning… taking away and adding people to buses made some great number sentence opportunities.

Lots of the Children have been talking about the football and how ‘ENGERLUND’ are playing at the moment. We were very lucky to have a football afternoon yesterday. We talked about England; where it is in the world and then where we lived. We also discussed the importance of playing for your country, the football kit you wear and the special song that you sing before a game. We had a go at designing our own football kits too. Obviously the more hands on experiences in class R, the better! So we had a little football out and we were even lucky enough to have the football on in the classroom as a treat!

Today the children have had a supply teacher (and Miss Welch of course) as I have been on a course in Manchester. Continuing with the London theme they looked at the London bridge and conducted an experiment to see which bridge they built was the strongest and why. I can’t wait to hear all about it on Monday.

Monday FINALLY brings our new and final topic in class R – twisted tales, which I am very excited about indeed. Alongside this topic we will also be preparing for our class assembly and any other events that will be taking place over the next few weeks.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we welcome new class R into Manor Way and current class R will no doubt be wonderful little helpers, showing them where the toilets are etc. It seems like only yesterday when current class R were visiting me for the first time :(

Don’t forget – school closure on Thursday, so enjoy the extra day!

To all of your Daddy’s out there – enjoy your special day on Sunday and class R, I’ll see you bright and early Monday morning.

Miss Faux


Just a short week this week, so a short weekly news!

We've had such fun making our bodies this week. It's been a very fast process but as you can see we have two working lungs and a working oesophagus which passes the food into our stomach, just try it (as well as a few other vital organs!)

We've looked at doubling in maths this week and will be moving on to halving next week. Surely this has got to involve pizza?! Watch this space… I feel a consent form coming on!

My next topic is going to be a personal challenge - Lego! Lots of the children always chose Lego in their activity time, so I'm going to do some directed learning on it... Making scenes, characters, maybe we could even write the next best children's book based on our make believe characters?! Wish me luck with my planning - I don't know where this one is going to end up!!

If this wonderful sunshine continues we will be encouraging the children to apply sun cream (if you have given consent at the beginning of the year) It is always really helpful if you put it on them before school and let us know that morning. Sending a hat in with them is useful to, with their name in please.

So last thing for me to say is ... Enjoy the sun!!

See you Monday

Miss Faux

Lego Story Building

Another week over in class R and our Lego story building is going very well indeed. We have spent the week looking at stories and the features of a story. We have discussed our favourite characters and where we think different stories are set. This will hopefully give us a strong starting point for our class R story, created by our own little imaginations!

I’ve set the children (with a little help from you) a task this week to complete over the weekend. We have decided that our main characters in the story are Tom the Mc Donalds worker and Pippa the Ballet dancer. We now need to the think of a problem for our story (this is where you come in) To give you an idea of what we are looking for, we thought of a couple of problems in class; the McFlurry machine explodes, Pippa falls over on stage etc… On Monday we will agree on a problem and find a solution as part of our final stages in our Lego story building. Please jot all ideas down on paper or email them to me by Monday 16th May. Thanks in advance!

Halving has gone well in maths, we even progressed onto halving numbers. We shared out amounts between two people/objects and if they had the same amount on both sides, we knew that the number could be halved. Obviously the best day was today because we got to cut up and try lots of different halves of foods… there was no other way of securing our learning, honest!
From Monday our PE sessions will focus on sports day, we will be practising all of our races ready for the big day. We will also be talking to the children about the importance of ‘taking part’ and that everyone is a winner in our eyes!

As mentioned in my previous weekly news, I will be offsite Thursday and Friday next week to help out at Astley Burf and will be leaving class R in the more than capable hands of Miss Morris, Miss Welch and Mrs Drew!

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for sunshine over the weekend,

See You Monday guys!

Miss Faux

The Body

Don’t forget to email anything exciting to me… The children love it when we share their adventures on the big screen as a class… so do I!!

So, I must say, the body has initiated some interesting conversations this week. Did you know that boys didn’t have nipples? And girls didn’t have muscles? These are just a couple of questions that were asked this week… we wont go into the others – not this early on a Friday!

We are continuing with the body next week, for our three days of school (no school Monday or Thursday) look out for our creation on Friday.

We have continued with take away this week, their target is to subtract two single digit numbers with or without objects to support. I am confident that nearly all of the children in the class can do this, so well done guys.

Feel free to have a little go at home with them, maybe at tea time when their eating their chips… “If Miss Faux had 5 chips and ate 3, how many would she have left?!” that kind of thing.

As it’s such a short week next week, we are going to start on doubling and see how that goes…watch this space.

We still have a few payments outstanding for our trip to Hatton, let me know if you need some support with this.

Just a little heads up, I will be joining year 5 on their residential to Astley Burf week beginning 16th May. I will only be out of school for the Thursday/Friday and the children will have Miss Morris, Miss Welch and Mrs

Drew with them for those two days. Forest schools will continue as normal.

Have a great LONG weekend and enjoy that extra day off.

See you Tuesday

Miss Faux


This week has gone really well with our ‘flower’ based activities, hopefully all of the children can now tell you all of the basic parts of a flower, what their job is and what they need to be happy and healthy (I’m still learning that part myself!)

We have completed some fantastic observational paintings of a bunch of flowers, looking very closely at the different colours. We have also looked at what flowers look like if they don’t have everything they need… they look pretty miserable.

I have sent home their pots today with their seeds in, some have started to grow and some will start to grow soon (I hope!!!)   We have also done another experiment, where we changed the colour of the petals on our white flowers. We now know that flowers are very clever and suck up water…I’m still convinced that it’s magic!

In maths the focus has been on taking away, recognising the symbol – and using a number line to jump BACKWARDS using our jumping finger. I bet you didn’t know everyone had a jumping finger… maybe they will show you what it does?! Take away has gone really well to be honest, I wouldn’t say we have cracked it yet, but we are definitely getting there.

Next week we will be looking at, the human body. I have had a great morning thinking about exciting activities for us. I am really looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Lots of ‘understanding the world’ and hands on activities!

To help us with an activity I’ve got planned, if you have any spare magazines with pictures of people in, could you please donate them to class R as early as possible next week?! (Thanks in advance)

We have had a little jiggle around of the phonics groups, to make them smaller and more directed. It is nothing to worry about, it is a positive move to make sure every child’s needs are catered for specifically.

Just a little heads up that we do have two days off coming up, Monday 2nd May and Thursday 5th. So don’t forget – no school on those two days.

Thanks to those of you who have handed in the permission slip for the musical festival, if you haven’t yet, could I please have them ASAP.

Enjoy your weekend guys, see you Monday morning

Miss Faux

Sow and Grow

Straight back into the swing of things this week, I can’t believe we are in our final term of Class R… we wont think about that yet though!

So our new topic is ‘sow and grow’…I’ve explained to the children that I am absolutely rubbish at planting in general, but even worse at keeping plants alive. To support this statement, I’ll tell you a little story which the other members of staff really enjoyed listening too… I had a lovely plant bought for me once and I wanted a marvellous pot to put it in. The pot I purchased was a little smaller than the plant, so, I cut some of the roots off to fit it in. At the time I didn’t really think this was a bad idea BUT as you can probably guess, it didn’t last very long. I must admit, looking back now, that wasn’t one of my finest moments! So… with this being said, I am learning lots this week too ;)

We have written some wonderful planting instructions, set up a garden centre and even have our very own plant pit filled with soil, which we found on our mud hunt in forest school.  Each of us now have a plant pot which we planted seeds in, we had a choice of spinach, cress or peas and it is our responsibility to keep them alive – I have one too (wish me luck!)

Our focus next week will be on flowers; what they look like, smell like and having a go at learning the different parts. I will be bringing flowers that are in full bloom and ones that have seen better days, so the children have a real hands on experience.

We have been counting in 10’s this week in Maths, I hope they’ve told you… we are getting there, so once again – anything you can do at home would be fab!

Thanks for all of your fantastic Easter break pictures, don’t forget our new email is …

This can be for any wonderful things they do, not just your Easter pics – I love getting little updates of what the children have been up to.

We have had lots of tired children (and teachers) this week, so have a good rest guys and I will see you Monday morning.

Miss Faux

Easter Fun

So another term over and only one more term to go :(
We've had a busy week... As usual! We've had loads of fun completing Easter activities, making nest, creating wonderful cards and of course having an egg hunt! The children have got a bag full of some Easter treats as a thank you from the Class R team for being so great this term.

This week in their school bag they should have... A class r treat bag, a personalised target, 2 reading books, a trip letter and a Disney activity pack.

The treat bag will have their homemade Easter nest, a medal for taking part in the egg hunt, a chocolate lolly and their Easter card.

Each child is sent home with a personalised target, please work on these over Easter as two weeks off school is a really long time.

I have popped two reading books in also, to keep you ticking over. Any other reading you can do or practise on sounds would be wonderful!

I am pleased to say that the trip will be going ahead, so please fill in your updated letter and all monies should be sealed in the envelope attached to the letter and handed to us when you can.

I love to try and get free stuff for class R and enter as many competitions and 'giveaways' as possible, so the Disney packs are just some freebies that I managed to get for them. They're just a little extra (you don’t have to do them) some activities, certificate, stickers and a huge poster!

As a little extra boost for our learning journeys, I have set up our very own class R email… so if you do anything FAB over the Easter holidays please send me a picture of it and we can get it ready for your learning journeys!

Our email address is,

This email can be for WOW moments too, the kind of things that the children do and you think ‘wow, I can’t believe they’ve just done that’ (all positive I’m sure! HAHA!)

Have a great two weeks class R. Have a rest too... You've all worked really hard. I'll miss you, see you on Monday 11th April

Miss Faux

Goodbye Chicks!

It was time to say bye to the chicks today, we have had them for a full 2 weeks and it’s been a lovely experience for the children to take part in.

We have finished life cycles now and the children have completed a fantastic piece of work which will be going up on display very soon. In Maths, time has been quite difficult. We have been working on o’clock. Trying to get the children to have an awareness of AND understand that there is a difference between the ‘big minute hand’ and the ‘small hour hand’ is pretty tricky…BUT we will pick up on this again in summer.

Only a four day week next week, full Easter fun; card making, story reading, cake making…egg hunts!! You name it, I’ll try and squeeze it in. Our Easter bonnet parade is next Thursday afternoon, I do hope you can ‘hop’ along. I’m looking forward to seeing some ‘egg’cellent creations (ok, I’ll stop now)

Parents evening will take place on Monday and Tuesday next week. I look forward to seeing you all to discuss the wonderful progress your child is making.

I will be sending home some targets for the Easter holidays also, it would be wonderful if you could work on these at home. They are specific to your child and what I think they need to work on most.

There are still lots of children off school at the moment with horrible coughs and colds… we seem to be doing ok in class R, with only one or two off. Please continue to reinforce with the children how important it is to wash those nasty germs away with soap, put hands over mouths when they cough etc.

Only 4 more get ups, see you Monday.

Miss Faux

Coughs and Colds

So after learning about the life cycle of a butterfly for the past two weeks… we had a VERY special delivery this morning. A pot of 5 teeny weeny caterpillars arrived via the postman. It was all very exciting and we can’t wait to see the full life cycle in action.

Thank you for coming to see us at our mother’s day celebration, it was lovely hearing the reason why the children love you and also quite amusing at times. We really enjoyed painting the pictures too, it was as if they had photographs to copy from (I’m sure you’ll all agree!!)

Ways of making 10 has been the focus in Maths this week. We have looked at lots of different ways using pegs on coat hangers, animals is houses – you name it, we’ve made ten with it! Hopefully this hands on experience has helped to embed this difficult aspect of maths a little more, rather than just looking at numbers and signs.

Life cycles will continue for another two weeks… but we will be looking at a different life cycle from Monday. I bet you can’t guess what it is…? I know for a FACT the children will race out too tell you on Monday though, so look forward to that!

Next week in maths we are focusing on writing numerals and comparing amounts of different objects.

There’s lots of coughs and colds going around at the moment in Class R and Manor Way in general, we are really encouraging the children to wash their hands and use tissues when they need too. Hopefully this will help stop any germs spreading.

Enjoy your weekend class R, see you Monday

Miss Faux

3D Shapes

Straight back into the swing of things for us in Class R this week. The very Hungry Caterpillar is going well, the children are remembering the story and the different food he eats on each day. I hope your keeping on top of your food diary – it’s an important part of next week’s lesson.

In maths the focus has been 3d shapes… it’s pretty hard to explain to 4 and 5 years olds that this isn’t a ball, it’s a sphere and that this isn’t a square it’s a cube…HOWEVER – they are remembering a lot more than I expected, so shame on me! We have touched on; cube, cuboid, sphere and cylinder…ask them about them if you see any at home, let me know how they get on!

It’s our Mother’s Day afternoon next week. I have had lots of replies, for health and safety reasons we do need a reply slip, they are online if you need another one or just let me know. Our time slot is 2’o’clock. We hope you enjoy what we have prepared.

Life cycles will remain our focus for the next few weeks… we may even have some new arrivals in class R soon – watch this space!

Thanks for the feedback on the reading books, it was all very positive and I’m really pleased.

Have a great weekend you lot, see you Monday.

Miss Faux

PS – you’ll get your parents evening reply slips soon, I promise!

Chinese New Year

Can you believe that we are half way through our academic year already? I just can’t get over how quickly the time is flying by. I do love spring term though, it’s where everything seems to start clicking into place, it’s wonderful!

So Monday was Chinese New Year, we tasted some chicken noodles, Chinese dipping sauce and a Prawn cracker. I was really pleased with the children’s ‘have a go’ attitude and on an even more positive note…all of them liked at least ONE of the things they tasted. We also took part in a dragon dance…photos to follow soon!

Tuesday was Pancake Day in class R, I let the children chose from a list of five toppings. Obviously a lot of them chose to put all five on! Who would have known that lemon, squirty cream, syrup, chocolate sauce and butter tasted so nice together?! I saw most of them devouring them on the playground as soon as they left class.

Today and yesterday we have focused on Valentine’s Day, we read and talked about the traditional story and what we thought Valentine’s Day was all about. I also read the children a story called, ‘Love Monster’ which is where the activities have come from for the stay and play.

No school tomorrow as its INSET day, so I will be seeing you all on Monday 22nd Feb.

We have finally received our new reading books, they have gone out today in book bags. Any feedback is very welcome!

Thank you for returning your parents evening slips, you will be receiving a time slot when we come back after half term. If you haven’t sent them back, can I please have them ASAP.

Enjoy your week off guys, if you do anything exciting… take some pictures and bring them in to share with us all in Class R.

Miss Faux

Family Trees

It’s been lovely this week looking at each child’s family tree and finding out special nicknames for Nanny’s etc. They have really enjoyed telling us all about their different family members and I really do feel they got a lot out of this activity. Thank you for your support with the homework task.

As they were so interested in their family, the activity took a lot longer than expected but never fear – we have another week packed full of stick man activities. Making our own stick man and looking at floating and sinking….Not forgetting our – STICK MAN SCHOOL TRIP!

Thanks to those of you who have already given your forms back, I really need the consent letter a lot more than the money. So the quicker I can get that, the better.

Hopefully you saw my second letter yesterday?! I know it’s a little scary, the thought of their very first school trip but I hope that the safety procedures put in place are enough to put your mind at rest AND the understanding that they will have a FAB time!

Please can I have your packed lunch choices back ASAP as the kitchen will come and hunt me down otherwise!!!
I feel addition has gone well this week in Maths. We have been working on adding single digit numbers on our fingers with most children and then crossing over the 10 barrier with others. Try it at home, see how you get on.

Still no sign of these new reading books – I was SO excited, thinking they were going to come this week… (I really need to get out more!) When they do come, don’t forget to give me some feedback please.

That’s it from me for another week, enjoy your weekend class R!

Miss Faux

Sweet Treats

Our frosty topic is over now, we’ve enjoyed looking at all the sparkly ice and thinking about how and why snow/ice melts and what it turns into when it has melted! Our hot chocolate and MARSHMALLOW treat went down extremely well on Thursday morning, so that was lovely to see. We also loved making our melted snowman biscuits – I’m sure you all guessed that’s what they were… didn’t you?!

Next stop is, ‘stick man’. I’ve never done any teaching on stick man before but as mentioned yesterday, we are going to start off by looking at each child’s family tree. We will also be looking at the features of a story and the different characters involved. We will be creating our own stick man and having a go at woodland weaving too! This story will be spread out over two weeks as I have lots of ideas for it.

We were thinking about ordinal numbers in maths, so we had races in groups of 5 in the hall and gave medals out to the children who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th. We are back to focusing on addition in maths next week, so lets hope we build on some of their prior knowledge.

In other exciting news – we have purchased a new reading scheme for class R, so look out for the new books next week. I really think this is a big step in the right direction for the home readers as they are full of words that ‘sound out’ and have much more content to question your children on… I’m really looking forward to sending them home, please let me know your thoughts too!

A small reminder that reading books are due in on a Tuesday and a Friday, if you have ‘mislaid’ a reading book, let one of us know so we can get your child’s home reader back on track. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support in reading with your child at home, it really does make a big difference.

Enjoy your weekend class R, see you Monday

Miss Faux

Mothers Day Slips!

Another full week in class R has come to an end. Busy books and the new morning routines are still going well, so thank you for your support with this.

Emperor penguins have been our focus this week and the children are now full of facts – ask them! I bet they can tell you something interesting…and don’t just settle for ‘penguins eat fish’ they know a lot more than that, I promise!

Next week we are focusing on freezing and melting, so I would like it to snow – this would fit in extremely well with the topic. I think my freezer will come in pretty useful this weekend too, so watch out for some exciting ice experiments next week.

Phonics groups are still going well, the children are really good at going off to their groups independently and trying to earn house-points for all sorts of reasons. So keep up the good work guys.

Math's next week will be looking at ordinal numbers and estimation… wish us luck!

Vision screening is taking place on Monday, nothing to worry about as it’s routine for Reception class chn.

Please return your Mother’s day slips (if you haven’t already) it’s a lovely event, so I hope you can make it.

That’s all from me this week, enjoy the weekend – try and keep warm, if that’s possible!

Miss Faux

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a lovely Christmas break and enjoyed spending time with your nearest and dearest and thank you so much for my great cards and presents…The break is now well and truly over and we are back into the swing of things in class R!

I have to admit, that when I read over my last ‘weekly news’ it does say, ‘to drop the children at the coat pegs’, not the door BUT they’ve done so well this week we may as well continue with this routine, forever more. They come in, do a busy book activity, find their star and then wait patiently on the carpet. It is lots to remember but they’ve been absolutely fine with it all.

Our new topic is ‘Ice, ice baby’ which will include work on penguins and lots of other frosty activities over the next couple of weeks. We have been learning some very interesting penguin facts this week and that will continue into next week, maybe they could tell you a few?!

Our maths focus has been ‘time’. We have been learning a song to help us remember the days of the week and testing ourselves to see what activities we can complete in 1 minute, using a sand timer.

As I haven’t invited you in to class R for a while, I thought I might organise a little ‘stay and play’ for the 11th Feb at 2pm. Just a chance for you to pop in for the last hour of the day and complete some activities with the children. This is also the day we break up for half term. This isn’t a full school activity afternoon, just one for the parents/carers of class R.

I think that’s all from me this week, see you at the door Monday morning.

Miss Faux

P.S Class R have PE on Monday, so please send their kits in, if you haven’t already. Girls don’t forget, earrings out and long hair tied back.

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