School Meals

You can pay for hot dinners at the beginning of the week or on a daily basis. The present cost for a school dinner, set by Dudley local authority is £2.40 per day (£12.00 per week). Please put money in an envelope with your child’s name and class clearly marked on the front.

We want to encourage children who bring sandwiches to have a healthy lunch box. This should have something from the five main food groups.

  • Protein to help children grow and keep them alert can be found in meat, cheese and fish.
  • Carbohydrate for a slow energy release as found in bread, cereals, pasta and rice.
  • Calcium for growth as found in milk and dairy products.
  • Fruit, salad and vegetables for vitamins, minerals and fibre.
  • A little fat such as butter.

A suggestion for a healthy lunchbox would be a sandwich, a cereal bar, fruit, salad and a low fat yogurt, with a drink. Crisps and chocolate should be a treat, not for everyday.

Food also needs to be kept healthy. Please use an insulated cool bag, with a frozen cool pack inside.

 Lunch Menu

Manor Way Healthy Break Policy

Healthy Break Policy

Should you have any concerns regarding the Catering Provision please contact Catering & Client Services on 01384 818013.

Free School Meals

From 1st September 2014 Reception Class, Class 1 and 2 will be eligible for a free school meal (FSM).
Did you know that if you are eligible to receive free school meals benefit, school receives additional pupil premium? We need your support.

Even if your child receives universal infant FSM, please still apply for FSM benefit so that school receives the pupil premium, which will be spent on our children. It is equally important to apply because FSM give other benefits such as ‘Free Board and Lodgings’ during residential trips eg Astley Burf.

Pupil premium is now the way school budgets are allocated and if you are eligible for FSM and do not register, school and your children miss out on the funding.

If you think that you may qualify for Free School Meals, please visit

Manor Way Primary Academy
Brier Mill Road,
West Midlands.
B63 3HA
Telephone: 0121 272 7310