School Governors

Current Appointments

Name Type Role Started Ends Declared Business Interests
Miss Lisa Buffery Headteacher  Headteacher 01/09/2016 31/08/2020  None
Mrs Samantha Grinham Co-opted Governor  Pupil Premium / LAC 01/09/2015 31/08/2019  None
Mr Chris Shuker Co-opted Governor Sport Premium  01/09/2015 31/08/2019  None
Mrs Lindsey Matthews Parent Governor Vice Chair /  Safeguarding / EYFS 10/04/2017 09/04/2021  None
Mr Tony Potter Chair Chair of Governors / Standards / Attainment and Progress / Middle Leadership 01/09/2015 31/08/2019  None
Mrs Juliet Joy Local Authority Governor Compliance / E Safety 12/05/2018 11/05/2022 None
Mrs M Hart Clerk  Clerk 01/09/2017 05/09/2020  None
Mr A Oliver Vice Chair / Parent Governor Curriculum / Teaching and Learning 21/02/2018 20/02/2022  None
Mrs Carol Reece Staff Deputy Headteacher 11/06/2018 10/06/2022 None


Attendance of Meeting 2018 – 2019 

Name 20th November 2018 4th March 2019 13th June 2019 
Miss Lisa Buffery Present Present Present  
Mr Tony Potter Apologies Present Present   
Mrs Samantha Grinham Present Present  Present   
Mrs Carol Reece Present Present  Apologies  
Mrs Juliet Joy Present Present  Apologies  
Mr Chris Shuker Apologies Present  Present   
Mrs Lyndsey Matthews Present Present  Apologies  
Mr Andrew Oliver Apologies Present  Present   


 Attendance of Meeting 2017 – 2018

Name 18th September 2017 14th March 2018 11th June 2018
Miss Lisa Buffery Present  Present   Present  
Mr Tony Potter Apologies  Present   Present  
Mrs Ruth Williams Apologies  Left 31/12/2017  Left 31/12/2017  
Mrs Samantha Grinham Present  Present   Present  
Mrs Juliet Joy Present  Present  Present  
Mr Chris Shuker Present  Present  Apologies  
Mrs Lyndsey Matthews Present  Apologies  Present  
Mr Andrew Oliver N/A  Apologies  Present  
Mrs Carol Reece N/A Present Present

Attendance of Meeting 2016 – 2017

Name 14th December 2016 14th February 2017 3rd July 2017  
Mr Tony Potter Present Present  Present  
Miss Lisa Buffery Present Present  Present  
Mrs Ruth Williams Present Present  Present  
Mrs Laura Pickering  - Present  Present  
Mrs Samanatha Grinham Present Present  Present  
Mrs Juliet Joy Present Present  Present  
Mr Chris Shuker Present Present  Present  
Mrs Lindsey Matthews - Present  Present  


Former Appointments

Name Type Started Ended
Mrs L Fletcher SNT 07/12/2014 31/08/2015
Mrs D Betteridge HOT 07/02/2013 31/08/2016
Mrs C Hill PGV 04/09/2013 01/09/2016
Mr Brown COO    14/02/2017
Mrs L Pickering PGV 01/09/2015 22/07/2017
Mrs R Williams Staff 01/09/2013 31/12/2017


Manor Way Primary Academy is part of Windsor Academy Trust. For further governance information and the scheme of delegation please click here.


Chair of Governors

You can contact the Chair of Governors at the school address:

 Mr Anthony Potter

Manor Way Primary Academy Trust

Brier Mill Road


West Midlands

B63 3HA

Please mark as Private and Confidential or email

Manor Way Primary Academy
Brier Mill Road,
West Midlands.
B63 3HA
Telephone: 0121 272 7310