At Manor Way Primary we are passionate to be the best we can be through being curious, adventurous and respectful in order to achieve personal success.



The Manor Way Curriculum has been developed to achieve the following aims:

  • To ensure that all pupils reach their academic and personal potential
  • To ensure our children are confident and successful readers, writers, mathematicians and scientists
  • To provide opportunities for our children to be independent, imaginative, motivated, resilient and active in their learning across all subject areas;
  • To ensure our School Drivers (‘Be the Best you Can Be’ and ‘ASPIRE’) are developed.

 At Manor Way, we are very proud of the rich and varied curriculum that we provide. We strive to create engaging experiences for all children across the school. We are constantly developing and learning with the children to make our curriculum and their time at Manor Way the best that it can be.  The development of the schemes of work, primarily in the identification of: skills progression, essential characteristics, content and opportunities, essential learning objectives and milestones indicators will continue to be ongoing and reflective. 

We have themes mapped out on our Curriculum Planning Map.  These demonstrate how children can become geographers, writers, scientists, etc. The learning opportunities identified on the Curriculum Planning Map serve to strengthen the knowledge and understanding both within a subject area and between subjects, providing opportunities for the application of skills across the subject areas.  For all themes we have identified a Curriculum Driver, i.e. a subject that is the main focus within the theme as well as our School Driver.  The nature of this approach within school seeks to address the formal curriculum (strategic and planned for) and the informal curriculum (responsive and unplanned).

Certain curriculum areas will be taught discretely when the links between subjects do not strengthen the provision.  The subjects are identified as discrete subjects on the Curriculum Planning Map. British Values and Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural opportunities underpin our ASPIRE curriculum values.

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